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College Patrons and Sponsors

2015 Patron Sponsor Donation Form

TO:  All Fellows, American College of Bankruptcy
FROM:  Michael L. Cook, Chair and  G. Christopher Meyer, President
We write on behalf of the American College of Bankruptcy to ask you to have your firm become a 2015 College Sustaining Patron for $5,000, Patron for $2,500 or Sponsor for $1,500.  Funding for the College is provided solely by our Fellows, Patrons and Sponsors, so your support is critical to the continuation and expansion of College activities. Those include the College’s educational programs and annual meeting and induction events, as well as our ongoing pro bono projects, the National Bankruptcy Archives and the American College of Bankruptcy Foundation.  If your firm makes this commitment, it and the Fellow members of your firm will be listed in the program published for each scheduled event and also in each edition of the College Columns.  Many thanks for your support.
The American College of Bankruptcy would like to acknowledge and thank the 2015 Patrons & Sponsors, without whose help our educational sessions and events would not be possible.