Membership Nominations

Board of Regents l Circuit Admissions Council
Fellows are selected on an invitation only basis. Nominees for Fellows are extended an invitation to join based on a record of achievement in the insolvency process by professionals who have distinguished themselves in their practice and in their contribution to the insolvency field. The College now has over 800 Fellows, each selected by a Board of Regents from among recommendations of the Circuit Admissions Council in each federal judicial circuit and specially appointed Committees for Judicial and International Fellows.The College plays an important role in sustaining professional excellence and supports educational and pro bono efforts in local communities around the country. Criteria for selection include: the highest standard of professionalism, ethics, character, integrity, professional expertise and leadership in contributing to the enhancement of bankruptcy and insolvency processes; sustained evidence of scholarship, teaching, lecturing or writing on bankruptcy or insolvency; and commitment to elevate knowledge and understanding of the profession and public respect for the practice.

Judges, lawyers, international fellows, and accountants are to be licensed to practice for at least 15 years, be primarily in the bankruptcy and insolvency areas for at least 10 years, and in the case of judges be a judge for 5 years.

Board of Regents

The Board of Regents is responsible for nomination and selection of qualified candidates to fellowship in the College. One Regent is appointed from each of eleven federal judicial circuits and three Regents are appointed At Large. Each Regent of a federal judicial circuit serves as Chair of its Circuit Admissions Council. The Board of Regents has the sole authority to elect Fellows to the College. The members are:

Chair Marc A. Levinson
1st Circuit Mark N. Berman
2nd Circuit Dennis F. Dunne
3rd Circuit Karen A. Giannelli
4th Circuit Richard L. Wasserman
5th Circuit Berry Spears
6th Circuit Judy A. O’Neill
7th Circuit Kenneth Malek
8th Circuit David A. Warfield
9th Circuit Jeffrey H. Davidson
10th Circuit Carl A. Eklund
11th Circuit Sarah Borders
Reg-at-Large Timothy R. Coleman
Reg-at-Large Hon. Joan N. Feeney
Reg-at-Large Prof. Melissa Jacoby

Judicial Nominating Committee

The Committee is established by Art. IV, Sect 3(e) of the By-Laws and is responsible for initiating and nominating judges for admission as Fellows of the College. The members are:

Hon. James L. Garrity, Jr. (Chair)
Jules Cohen
Hon. Lisa Fenning
Robert Keach
Kayalyn A. Marafioti
Hon. Elizabeth Perris
Daniel A. Zazove

International Fellows Nominating Committee

The Committee is established by Art. IV, Sec. 3(f) of the By-Laws and is responsible for initiating and nominating International Fellows of the College. The members are:

Robert J. Rosenberg (Chair)
Agustin Berdeja-Prieto
Hon. Charles Case
Zack A. Clement
Robert M. Fishman
Patricia Godfrey
Prof. Charles Mooney
Robert van Galen
Victor A. Vilaplana